Horseback riding in Santa Rosa, CA

Pegasus Riding School

At Pegasus Riding School, it’s more than just about riding a horse. Children learn and practice compassion for all life’s creatures, through a true hands-on experiential learning program. Children explore themselves in relationship with nature and our majestic equine friends. We have six therapy horses who each teach a specific life lesson, from independence, nurturing, energy consumption, leadership and assertiveness, to a full range of individualized experiences for each child’s needs. The students work intimately with the horses, handling, grooming, tacking up and then horse back riding, thereby raising confidence levels and self esteem in all children and especially our fragile and at-risk students.

At Pegasus Riding School (PRS) kids learn more about being a whole person and being responsible for another creature. Farm animals are less and less accessible to children in our modern culture, real-life lesson occur in this experiential program as we follow animals through the seasons of the year and seasons of their lives.

Safety is a major component of all the work we share with our students and their parents. We facilitate a safe horse back riding environment for all students and animals.

For ten years now we’ve been teaching ‘at risk’ kids from the Family Support Center in Santa Rosa, now we’d like to make this magical experience accessible to more students with diverse abilities. My educational background and training shows me that students on the Autistic Spectrum can benefit greatly from the (Animal assisted therapy) program at PRS. Through my work with special education students at Pathways Charter School, I’ve observed how children with Asberger’s Syndrome flourish and are empowered by their work and connections during these one-on-one interactions with horses. The children love the horses, and having a connection with a 1,000 pound animal is something they will always remember! The work we do with children and our horses is truly life changing. Be part of this magic.

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