Meet Betty, my foster puppy

Here is Betty

Her favorite game is to play with Joplin and her litter mates

Betty came from Kern County Animal Contol.

She and her siblings & her mom, are available for adoption

from California Animal Rescue.

3 Responses to “Meet Betty, my foster puppy”

  1. June Peterson says:

    Hey Betty… about naming your beautiful puppies, EENY, MENEY AND MO. ???? are they behaving themselves or just being crazy puppies.
    wish I could hug them.

  2. Judy says:

    Betty just got home from her spay surgery, she sailed through easily.
    She is resting quietly as Joplin chews his bone.

  3. June Peterson says:

    Betty your puppies are beautiful. take good care of them. and hug them for me.

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