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“Judy not only helps you learn about horses and how to ride them, she helps you build your confidence and strength as a person.” Maya 10 years old”
Both my daughter and son love working with Judy. They have gained much more then riding skills. The learn about how to care and respect all the animals on the farm. They come away knowing more about themselves, feeling relaxed and confident. They can’t wait until the next time. Dana, parent
During this class Alex can focus and listen as in no other setting. He has learned all about horse body language, animal behavior, biology of life sciences and more. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t understand the basic biology of  a chicken, how the hen lays eggs without a rooster around. Alex knows!
At the farm Alex learns more than just a list of vocabulary words, he learns how to integrate new words and use them to identify parts of the horse and tack. He has collected still warm eggs from roosting chickens. This is real ‘hands-on’ learning.
On the physical level Alex benefits tremendously from using his body to learn science. Each time we come to class his balance improves and his body coordination develops. I have witnessed his speech/articulation improve and he seems more “organized” within minutes of arriving at the farm.
Learning how to master the riding of a horse has given Alex a great sense of competency and is helping him develop good self esteem. being around the animals and Judy helps Alex learn compassion at a deep level. I’ve seen this transfer to his behavior toward myself and to our whole family.
Suzie, parent

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