Welcome Vilano to Pegasus Riding School

Vilano a wonderful Dutch Warm Blood, has joined our family at the Riding school.

He’s 18 years old { Cozette has first dibs on him,} he’s quite handsome at 16.2 hands high with a beautiful chestnut bronze coat.

Vilano spent the first 10 years of his life in Europe and was imported for Dressage in America.

After 8 years working and training in dressage, he tripped and injured his front knee. After recuperating the Dr. gave him the OK for light trail riding such as the type at Pegasus Riding School. He now lives in pasture with Cozette and is being a role model for Hudson and all the herd on how to be a kind leader of horses.

Vilano has a wonderful kindness about him and loves attention.

Won’t you help me welcome Vilano to Pegasus Riding School

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5 Responses to “Welcome Vilano to Pegasus Riding School”

  1. June Peterson says:

    Vilano sounds like such a warm, gentle horse that has now found a wonderful home. The children will love him, and want to take care of him. Welcome Vilano.

  2. Judy says:

    Vilano is so happy to be at Pegasus Riding School, after I fed him dinner tonight he went galloping around his pasture in joy.

  3. Andrea Meharg says:

    Hello Vilano . What a beautiful horse. He is lucky to be at Pegasus riding school.
    How are the other horses responding to him?

  4. Maheshvari says:

    I loved ridding him.

  5. Susannah says:

    I’ve been gardening and horse caring with Judy for many years. Vilano is like Molly was-a giant horse. Not into riding I’ve found myself in group activities with Vilano like when he and the 5 other horses surrounded me with a full haycart in the “back forty”.
    Judy and company are doing a fine job both for humans but also for the environment. Health to all in Winter.

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